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History of Kumari Bhagvathi Amman Temple

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Mythology is full of conflicts between Devas and Asuras, and the ultimate victory of the Devas; it is the conquest of good over evil.

Banasura, the king of demons, propitiated Brahma. When Banasura asked for a boon ofimmortality, Brahma expressed his inability to grant such a boon, but gave an option to choose his own manner of death. The asura wished that if at all he had to die, let his death be at the hands of a virgin. Brahma said 'thathaastu' (so it be).

Armed with this boon, Banasura started harassing the Devas and torturing the saints and rishis, causing them endless misery. Unable to bear this agony, the Devas, rishis and saints appealed to Mother Earth who in turn sought the help of Her consort Lord Vishnu who is the Protector of the Universe. On the Lord's command, the Devas propitiated Parasakthi who alone was capable of destroying Banasura.The Devas performed a yagna which was so powerful that the Goddess was much pleased. She promised to annihilate Banasura. As ordained, Parasakthi in Her reincarnation came down to earth as a virgin.

It is a very common mythological fact that whichever reincarnation she took, she would do penance to rejoin Her husband Lord Shiva through a marriage. Hence Kumari did penance so that she would be married to Shiva. Shiva, pleased and happy expressed His willingness to marry her. This was made known to Kumari. Narada who undertook this task arranged a proper time for the marriage before dawn and insisted that the auspicious time should not be missed. Elaborate arrangements were made at Kumari's place to celebrate the marriage. The Lord was staying at Suchindrum.

The bridegroom's party started from there well in advance with pomp and pageantry. Meanwhile Narada was prompted by the Devas to do something to stop the marriage, because once the marriage is over, Kumari could not be a virgin and Banasura could not be killed.

Narada hit upon a plan, and assumed the form of a cock and waited at a place called Vazhukkamparai. When the marriage party reached there on its way to Kanyakumari, Narada crowed aloud. Shiva's party on hearing this thought that it was dawn and the auspicious hour had passed.

The wedding party decided to return to Suchindrum, greatly disappointed. As the bridegroom's party didn't turn up, the disappointed bride vowed to remain a virgin, All the items collected for the marriage turned into sand and pebbles resembling rice.

The multi coloured sand found abundantly on the sea shore at Kanyakumari is attributed to this incident. Banasura heard about the beauty of Kumari and wanted to marry her. She bluntly declined his proposal. The demon decided to win her by force. A fierce battle ensued and in the end the Goddesss used Her Chakrayuda and slain Banasura. All the Devas were watching this and were delighted and sang hymns in praise of Devi Kumari.

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