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"Kanyakumari" the southernmost tip tourist attraction of Indian subcontinent is formerly known as Cape Comorin. The name to this attractive tourist place, Kanyakumari derived from the virgin goddess Kumari Amman or Kumari Bhagavati Amman.

"Kanyakumari" the district itself stores a number of tourist palaces in it. Places with natural beauty, artificial beauty, Devotional places, viewpoints. One cannot ignore Kanyakumari tourism during his visit to south India. Kanyakumari is blown up with tourist during the summer season as well as in winter season. Every year there are lakhs of tourist visit to Kanyakumari tourism.

Being one of the most important tourist places of South India, Kanyakumari is with the north region of Kerala later known as Travancore. The capital of Travancore was Padmanabhapuram one of the most attractive tourist places of Kanyakumari, later it is shifted to Trivandrum which is about 85km away from Kanyakumari.

Even though the capital has been shifted to Trivandrum the attraction of Padmanabhapuram, Kanyakumari remains the same due to the Padmanabhapuram palace. Padmanabhapuram palace is one of the important sightseeing of Kanyakumari in Kanyakumari tourism. Even though Padmanabhapuram palace is in Kanyakumari but it is still managed by the Kerala archeological department, due to the treaty signed during the merger of Kanyakumari with Tamilnadu.

Palaces to visit in Kanyakumari can be seen in two parts that is one of Kanyakumari local sightseeing which can be covered by walk and others are like Vivekananda Rock memorial, Gandhi memorial, Kamaraj Manimandapam, Triveni Sangam and so on within the surrounding of Kanyakumari like Suchindram temple, Adhikesavar Perumal temple, Godhanda ramar temple and so on.

Being the south most tip place of India peninsula it is so obvious of having most number of beaches there are many number of beaches in Kanyakumari like Muttam Beach, Sengapattinam Beach, Sotthavialai Beach and so on.

The Sunset and the sunrise is the pleasing view to see from Kanyakumari. on the full moon day of Chittirai that is in the month of May one can see the sunset and the moon rise from the same palace at a same time this is one of the unique feature which attracts the tourist to visit Kanyakumari tourism. Not only beaches Kanyakumari is also famous for its devotional places, Temples with age old Architecture and History. Other places to visit in Kanyakumari include Asia's largest and tallest river bridge Mathoor Aqueduct.

There are number of tour operators in Kanyakumari who offers best Kanyakumari tour packages at a very reasonable rate. Kanyakumari tourism can be memorable with Shopping like conches and conch made show case products, handmade wooden products, artificial flowers, shells and shell made, and so on at a very reasonable rate.

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Facilities in Kanyakumari tourism

Airway Facilities :-
Airport near Kanyakumari is Trivandrum Airport which is at the distance of about 85 km from Kanyakumari. From Trivandrum there are regular bus facilities available and private cabs are also available.

Railway Facilities in Kanyakumari :-

Visit it to Kanyakumari tourist places is very easy as there is a proper connections of Railway, as Kanyakumari itself having a Station with the railway code CAPE. The other near railway station is Nagercoil Junction (NCJ) is about 18 km away or one can also visit form Trivandrum Railway station which is about 85 km away from Kanyakumari.

Bus service in Kanyakumari :-

To visit Kanyakumari there are frequent Bus facilities also available from all over south India and other destinations.

Private Cabs service in Kanyakumari :-

To visit Kanyakumari there are so many private cabs are also available which you can hire direct form the tourist palace or you can book it online. There are number of tour operators in Kanyakumari and Trivandrum who provide cabs for pick up and drop and also for Kanyakumari local sightseeing.

Accommodation Facilities :-

There are number of hotels providing accommodation bookings in Kanyakumari suiting to each and every tourist budget and requirement. The Accommodation ranges from Luxury to Budget, Suite rooms to Dormitory facility are also available. Hotels accept both online bookings and also off line bookings, some of the tour operators in Kanyakumari also offer accommodation booking in Kanyakumari at a very reasonable rate. Resorts booking in Kanyakumari is also available.

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