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Sunrise & Sunset point in Kanyakumari Mathur Hanging Brigde in Tiruvattur, Kanyakumari Padmanabapuram Palace in Thakalay, Kanyakumari Thiruparappu Waterfalls in Tiruparappu, Kanyakumri Thanumalayaperumal Temple in Sucindrum, Kanyakumari Adhikesavaperumal Temple inTiruvattar, Kanyakumari
Sunrise & Sunset point in Kanyakumari
"Mathur Hanging Brigde in Tiruvattur, Kanyakumari
Padmanabapuram Palace in Thakalay, Kanyakumari
Thiruparappu Waterfalls in Tiruparappu, Kanyakumri
Thanumalayaperumal Temple in Sucindrum, Kanyakumari
Adhikesavaperumal Temple inTiruvattar, Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari Bagavathiamman Temple, Kanyakumari
It is Believed that the nose ring of Bhagavathi Amman is studded with ruby, is as bright as a light house lamp which can be seen from far away in the night. It is said that once upon a time a sailing ship saw the light of the nose ring and mistaking it as the light from the light house, went off shore and hit with the rock nearby. Because of this reason and to avoid the situation occurring again the temples eastern door was closed and always kept close except some special occasions like New moon day in the Tamil month of Tai ( Jan or Feb ), Adi ( July ), and Karthigai (Nov or Dec ) and also in Navarathri (sep – Oct ).

Time other information
» Morning – 4.30 am to 12.15pm » Evening – 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm
» Entry Fee – Free (Rs. 20/- Token lines are also there)
» Special Instruction – Men should remove their shirts while entering the temple.

Swamy Vivekanda Rock Memorial, Kanyakumari
An impressive memorial to Swamy Vivekananda has been erected on a rock situated some 200 metres off shore. In the year 1892, Swamy Vivekananda came down to Kanyakumari and sat in meditation on one of the twin rocks before he set out abroad as India's leading religious crusader. Inaugurated in 1970, the memorial is an Indian architectural masterpiece.

The entire memorial mandapam is similar to that of Sri Ramakrishna Temple at Belur and the entrance is designed on the style of Ajanta and Ellora cave temples. The rock on which the memorial stands has, in puranic tradition, been known as the 'Sripaada paarai', blessed by the holy feet of the Devi. On this rock there is a small projection resembling human foot which has been revered as Sripaadam.

According to legends it was on this rock that Goddess Kanyakumari did Her penance. This special significance and sanctity attached to this rock might have prompted Swarny Vivekananda, an ardent devotee of Kali, to venture across the sea for his long meditation. In the main hall there is a life-size bronze statue of Swamiji in his standing 'parivrajak' posture. Adjoining the main hall is the dhyana mandapam where devotees can sit and meditate in a serene atmosphere.

There is a belief that the original Devi temple was built on this rock or somewhere near this and the rock itself was part of the mainland. The sea might have eroded the main land and turned the rock into an island, resulting in the shifting of the old temple to the present site. This rock is approachable only by boat which provides a pleasure cruise into the sea. Ferry services to the rock memorial are available from 8 am to 4 pm. Ferry charge is Rs.50 and entrance fee to the Rock Memorial is Rs.10 per head.

Saint Tiruvalluvar Statue, Kanyakumari
he Tamil Nadu Government has installed a statue of Saint Thiruvalluvar who gave us quintessential words of wisdom known as Thirukkural. The stone statue is 133 feet high including the pedestal. The pedestal is 38 ft high representing the 38 chapters in the first part of the Kural (Virtue) and the 95 ft statue represents the total chapters in the second and third parts of the Kural, Wealth and Love.

Thus the statue symbolises the themes of wealth and love based on virtue. The pedestal is surrounded by an artistic mandapam known as alankara mandapam. Surrounding this mandapam stand statues of ten elephants.To help the visitors to worship the holy feet of the saint 140 steps are constructed inside the mandapam.The foundation stone for the statue was laid in 1979.

Five hundred sculptors were engaged for this work under the able guidance of Dr. Ganapathi Sthapathi and the work was completed in 1999. The statue was inaugurated on 1st January 2000 by Dr.Mu. Karunanidhi, the then chief minister of Tamil Nadu.

The rocks for the sculpture came from Sirudh-amoor, Pattumalaikuppam and Ambhasamudram Hills.

Statistical details of the statue :
» Height of the statue - 95 ft
» Height of the pedestal - 38 ft
» Height of the face - 10 ft
» Height of the body part - 30 ft
» Height of the legs -• 20 ft
» Length of the forearm - 10 ft
» Length of the palm leaves - 10 ft
» Width of the shoulders - 30 ft
» Length of the matted hair - 5 ft
» Total weight - 7000 tons

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial, Kanyakumari
There is a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi who had visited Kanyakumari in 1925 and 1937. It is constructed at a place on the seashore where his ashes were kept before immersion in the sea on 12th February 1949.

The Mandapam is built in Orissa style of architecture and designed in such a way that on his birthday, 2nd October, the rays of the sun, through a hole on the roof, falls exactly on the place where the urn was kept.

Former Chief Minister Kamaraj, Kanyakumari
As a tribute to K.Kamaraj who served as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and who was a great freedom fighter, the Government of Tamil Nadu constructed a memorial at the place where his ashes were kept for public to pay homage before immersion in the sea. Many rare photographs of Kamaraj and his meeting with various leaders are displayed in this Memorial.

View Tower and Telescope House The picturesque landscape of the confluence of the three seas and the breath-taking views of sun¬rise and sunset can be enjoyed from this Tower through a telescope. It is situated near Hotel Tamil Nadu.

» Visiting hours: 5 am to 7 pm.
» Entrance fee: Rs. 3 (adults), Rs.2 (children)

Wandering Monk Exhibition, Kanyakumari
This is located in Kanyakumari town. Terracotta designs depicting incidents of Swamiji's wanderings (Bharat Parikrama) and pictures of various places visited by Swamiji are exhibited here.

The building is designed on the spiritual architecture of the Orient. Roofing is made with brick corbelling.The formation of the building represents the Meru of Srichakra and expresses the flame of fire raging within the monk which helped him to enlighten the whole world.inscriptions, wooden and stone sculptures, weapons of the royal family are on display.

» Timings: 9 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 4.30 pm. [ Monday holiday ].
» Entrance fee: Adults: Rs.10, Children: Rs.5.)

Padmanabhapuram Palace, Kanyakumari
One of most poupar Tourist Places in Kanyakumari. Padmanabhapuram palace is about 38 km from Kanyakumari on the way to Trivandrum. The palace is constructed in the 16th Century by that time ruler of Travancore, and it is situated in the Capital of Travancore Kingdome i.e in Padmanabhapuram, later in the 18th Century the capital shifted to Trivandrum. The glory of Padmanabhapuram reduces but the charm and glory of the Padmanabhpuram palace remains the same or we can say it is increasing day by day.

The palace is a magnificent art of wooden Kerala indigenous architecture. The palace spared its architectural beauty around 6.5 acres out of the total 200 acres of surroundings land. The palace also contains of 17th and 18th century Murals. The antique interiors are with full of rosewood carvings and sculpted decors, the Royal chair with Chinese carvings, Musical bow in Mahogany, Kings medicinal bed, Pictures of Lord Krishna and so on.

The palace consist of several Structure :–
» "Mantrasala" - Kings council chamber is interior with colored mica which helps the keep the dust and heat away and keeps the chamber cool and dark. Dedicated and magnificent work of lattice can be seen in Mantrasala.
» "Thaikkottaram" is interior with rose wood, the ceiling is made of with 90 different floral designs.
» " Tekee Kottaram" The Southern palace is saving as a museum which shows a clear picture of traditional Kerala.
Padmanabhapuram Palace Museum, Kanyakumari

Padmanabhapuram Museum in Kanyakumari
The museum is located on the right side of the courtyard before entering the main gate. The museum contains of the traditional cultural woods, furniture, granite statutes, coins, weapons and utensils. Even though the palace is located within the boundary of State Tamilnadu but it is till administrated by the Archeological department of Kerala Government.

» Entrance Fee – Rs. 50 /- per Adults (Camera Allowed)
» Visiting Time – 9am to 4pm
» Open on – every day Except Monday and Public holidays.

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